Does Ghee Have Casein? What’s in Ghee and How to Use It

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Does Ghee Have Casein, Whey, or Fat? What’s in Ghee?

Simply put, ghee is clarified butter. Clarification of butter happens by melting it until the milk solids separate from the butter fats. These fats, when isolated, are what constitute ghee. But, perhaps you’re wondering what else is left? Does ghee have casein or whey? Is ghee even dairy? Why is ghee so good?

To get started, for those wondering, ‘does ghee have casein or whey?’ the answer is, probably, but it would only be in minuscule amounts. The removal of milk solids through the clarification process gets rid of the majority of casein and whey. 

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What is Left in Ghee and How Do I Use It?

Like we mentioned above, ghee is the remaining butter fats from the clarification process. Since ghee is still a product derived from butter, it is still a dairy product. Removing the milk solids does not change where ghee comes from, but it does make a big difference in how it’s used.

Ghee has a significantly higher smoke point than butter. “What is a smoke point?” you may be asking. Essentially, smoke point refers to the temperature at which an oil or fat begins to break down and begin smoking. Passing a smoke point means watery eyes, a stinky kitchen, a bitter taste in your food, along with breathing and consuming things that may be harmful.

Not only does ghee have a higher smoke point than butter, but it also has a higher smoke point than most other cooking oils. While most traditional cooking oils have a smoke point below 400° Fahrenheit and butter below 300°, ghee is well over 400°. This higher smoke point is a huge advantage in cooking because it makes ghee an extremely versatile cooking companion and a perfect choice for sauteing, baking, deep-frying, and more.

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A Powerful Kitchen Companion

Ghee is useful through the function of its smoke point, but it also provides a delicious flavor. Many people use ghee for the addition it provides to the taste buds on top of the practical use of the smoke point. It tastes like butter with some nutty notes sneaking in as well. It also has health components when made with the butter of grass-fed cows. The ghee from grass-fed cows contains healthy vitamins and none of the harmful trans fats that are commonly found in butter. 

By proving to be a powerful kitchen companion and improving the food you eat, ghee is improving the lives of many people. Since we are what we eat, every improvement in what we eat is a step towards a better and healthier life. 

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