Pure Ghee: Where to Get It and How to Use It

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Welcome to Full Moon Ghee! We are small-batch ghee makers in Western Massachusetts. Our founder, Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, first tasted ghee while studying yoga and Ayurveda at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires. Today, you can buy our pure ghee in dozens of stores across the northeast, or order online to have it shipped to your door. With a jar of Full Moon Ghee in your pantry, you will be equipped to use ghee in a wide variety of ways.

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Our Favorite Uses for Pure Ghee

1. Use Ghee in Your Cooking

Pure ghee can be substituted for most any cooking oil you would use, to reap the healthful benefits of ghee. Ghee has a higher smoke point than almost any cooking fat, making it ideal for pan-frying, sautéing, and roasting! Try pure ghee in our Savory Lentil Soup (scroll to the end of the article for the recipe)

2. Bake with Ghee

In most cases, ghee should not be substituted for butter in baking recipes because it lacks the water content of butter, which can impact the outcome of your recipe. As a pure fat, melted ghee can be substituted safely for melted coconut oil or other oils in baking. Try baking with ghee by making our Healthy Apple Crisp with Ghee and Maple Syrup!

3. Blend Ghee Into Warm Beverages

Did you know that a small amount of melted ghee in your morning coffee can help slow your the absorption of caffeine into your blood stream, making you less likely to experience an afternoon energy crash? We also love the rich flavor and texture ghee adds to coffee and chai tea. Try using an immersion or carafe blender to incorporate the ghee, and enjoy a foamy latte-like beverage. Learn more about the benefits of ghee in coffee, and try it in the following recipes:

Maca Cacao Hot Chocolate

Adaptogenic Herbal Chai

4. Try an Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ghee is considered, in Ayurveda, to be healing and stimulating to the digestive tract. It is, therefore, an essential component of Ayurvedic cleansing protocol. During a cleanse, you prepare and consume a simple bean and rice stew called kitchari for all meals, eating your fill of this easily-digested, gently detoxifying dish. And pure ghee is one of the ingredients. On our blog, you can learn all about Ayurvedic cleansing, and get our Kitchari Cleanse Recipe!

5. Ghee as Body Care

Pure ghee is wonderfully moisturizing to the skin. Try dabbing ghee onto your lips instead of lip balm, rubbing it into dry elbows, feet, and hands, or even using it as an eye makeup remover: mix one teaspoon ghee with one drop Vitamin E oil and swipe across eyelids with a cotton pad to remove makeup.

Order a jar of Full Moon Ghee today, and try it out for yourself. Be sure to comment and let us know about your own favorite uses for ghee!

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