Ghee in Coffee: Why We Blend Them Together for the Perfect Cup

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Discover why adding some ghee in coffee will create a delicious treat with an extra dimension to the ever-popular BULLETPROOF® Coffee concept

The notion of adding butter and coconut oil to coffee has gained popularity over the past few years. The resulting beverage has been referred to as BULLETPROOF® Coffee. Today we’re sharing the reasons why adding ghee in coffee is an even better idea than butter, and how doing so will create a delicious drink with surprising benefits.

For all of the non-coffee drinkers out there, we share some information at the bottom of this article for using ghee butter in teas or other hot beverages.

Do you already add ghee in coffee? If not, try it. Your gut may thank you

Some coffee drinkers complain about the acidity in coffee impacting their gut and digestive system. Using ghee helps reduce the acidity and inflammation in a couple of ways. First, the calcium in ghee works to neutralize the effect of the acid. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that is found in ghee which has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory quality.

Want to add ghee with a little spice to your morning coffee? Try our Golden Turmeric Spiced Ghee.

Ghee in coffee: Why butter is not better than ghee

Ghee is a great addition to coffee for a few main reasons. First, ghee is comprised of pure butter fat, which is rich in vitamins A, D, and K, omega-3 and omega-6 (especially if the ghee comes from grass-fed cows, which produce more nutrient-rich milk). Ghee is derived from butter that has had its water content, proteins, and sugars cooked out.

If you use butter instead of ghee in your coffee, then you will be adding moisture, sugars, and proteins. The water content will impact the taste of the coffee, essentially watering it down a bit. The sugars and proteins in butter can make it harder for some people to digest.

Furthermore, fats in ghee help to slow down the absorption of coffee. This in turn prevents sharp insulin spikes, as well as blood sugar crashes.

Not a coffee drinker? You can add ghee into your tea, too!

You can turn your favorite tea into a latte just by adding a little ghee. The best way to do this is to emulsify it. There are emulsifying blenders out there on the market, but any ordinary blender will do the trick, too.

Add some ghee to your favorite chai blend and you will experience a delicious drink reminiscent of its origins in Ayurvedic Medicine of India.

How to add ghee to your coffee

Start with a cup of coffee made to your liking. Add one or two teaspoons of ghee, depending on the amount of coffee you want to drink and how buttery you want it. Add coconut oil if desired (MCT coconut oil is preferred by many), one teaspoon up to one tablespoon, depending on the taste you want. Then emulsify your drink until it becomes frothy.

Do you like a little sweetness in your coffee? Try making maple or chocolate coffee or lattes with Chocolate Ghee or Maple Ghee.


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