What is Ghee Butter? A Food Rooted Divinely in Ayurvedic Medicine

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Have you ever wondered, “What is ghee butter?” We have looked into the origins of this delicious creation, and reasons to consume it

What is ghee butter? The simple answer is that ghee is clarified butter. However, the story goes much deeper than just clarified butter.

Ghee originated in Asia around 1800 BCE. The belief behind the origin of ghee takes the environmental landscape into consideration. The climate is hot in the southern part of Asia, rendering it quite difficult to transport butter over long distances. Ghee, being a shelf-stable food, became the solution to this problem.

However, ghee’s use may be even older, and its value to people who consumed it even greater.

What is ghee butter? A sacred fat in India

Sacred texts name ghee as an important part of the diet. The Dharmasutra, which includes law verses of both political and religious requirements, lists ghee as a desired component to religious rituals. Ghee also appears in both the Bhagavad Gita and hymns of the Rg Veda around 1500 BCE.

In Hindu mythology, ghee was created by Prajapati, the god of offspring. The myth states that ghee was made when Prajapati rubbed his hands together. He then poured the ghee into the fire, which led to the creation of his offspring.

Furthermore, ghee has played a significant role in the caste system of India. There are a variety of strict rules that make up this system, and the ability to consume Hindu foods is dependent upon class. For instance, food cannot be consumed by someone who is of a higher caste than that of the food preparer. However, this rule is circumvented if the food is cooked in ghee, regardless of the person’s caste.

Ghee is also a significant piece to Ayurvedic medicine and is used in the preparation of herbs used as medicine.

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What is ghee butter used for in culinary endeavors?

The process of clarifying butter into ghee takes out water and proteins from the butter. Milk fats and solids are removed when the butter is strained through a fine butter muslin cloth, rendering it milk and lactose free.

First, removing the proteins means that the lactose and casein content is near zero. This helps many who are intolerant to these substances.

Next, ghee has a higher smoke point than most other cooking fats, allowing for a better cooking experience with less fear of burning the food or oil.

Furthermore, ghee comes with a lot of healthful characteristics. It contains vitamins A, E, and K2, and is a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a metabolism-regulating micronutrient. Ghee is also high in butyrate, which leads to easier digestion and helps to fight inflammation in the body.

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