“Where Can I Buy Ghee?” From Full Moon Ghee’s Well-Stocked Online Store

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Are you asking Google, “Where can I buy ghee?” because you have not found the ghee products of your dreams? Check out these ghee options from Full Moon Ghee now

The ghee made by Full Moon Ghee is lactose-free, pure clarified butter derived from dairy locally-sourced in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Full Moon Ghee has a variety of product offerings for the ghee-enthusiast, including: Rosemary Garlic Ghee, Maple Ghee, Chocolate Ghee, Turmeric Spiced Ghee, and the original Full Moon Ghee.


Where can I buy ghee? Full Moon Ghee has a variety of delicious choices

As the name implies, our ghee is made on the full moon. This is an ancient practice with origins from the Vedic culture of India.

The Vedas believe the moon was the ruler of “soma,” which is the juice or essence found in plants. Soma increases in plants the most when the moon is full. Aligned beliefs say that milk is the essence of grass and ghee is the essence of milk, ultimately meaning that the full moon heightens and increases the potency of ghee.

Each one of our flavored ghee options follow this process of working with the full moon. The results offer both savory and sweet rewards to the taste buds. Take a look at the descriptions for each one of our flavored ghee below.

The original Full Moon Ghee: This ghee option is the base for all of the flavored ghee we list below. As mentioned above, it is locally-sourced. Its flavor is mildly sweet, allowing for a broad range of uses. It is also a great option as a cooking oil because it has a high-temperature smoke point of 485°F.

Here is a quick comparison of the smoke points for other popular oils:

  • Extra virgin olive oil — 320°F
  • Butter — 350°F
  • Coconut oil — 350°F
  • Hemp seed oil — 330°F
  • Sesame oil — 410°F
  • Almond oil — 420°F
  • Virgin olive oil — 420°F
  • Peanut oil — 440°F

Ghee’s higher smoke point of 485°F makes it easier to cook at higher temperatures without burning your food. Ghee also has many healthful attributes, which many of these oils do not.

The original Full Moon Ghee is great for use in many meals, including vegetable stir fries or rice dishes.

Rosemary Garlic Ghee: The rosemary and garlic used in this ghee are locally-harvested in Western Massachusetts. This is a perfect option for any meat, vegetable, or starchy dish. The inclusion of rosemary and garlic aids in digestion and gives the immune system a boost.

Maple Ghee: This ghee has the added benefit of locally-sourced maple cream with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Blend this ghee into your favorite hot beverage, or add it on top of breakfast staples like pancakes, waffles, or toast.

Chocolate Ghee: With the addition of local honey and cacao, this is one of the best ghee options for baking your favorite sweets, like cookies, brownies, or cupcakes.

Turmeric Spiced Ghee: With Ayurveda as the inspiration, this ghee is infused with organic turmeric, ashwagandha, and ginger, all grown locally in Western Massachusetts. Use this ghee in your favorite sauté or curry while fighting against inflammation in the process.

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Check out all of your Full Moon Ghee options now and buy today!


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