Where to Buy Ghee Butter Online: Full Moon Ghee Has Options for You

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If you’re wondering where to buy ghee butter, then look no further then Full Moon Ghee! We have a variety of delicious options for you to try

Are you wondering where to buy ghee butter online? Look no further than the Full Moon Ghee shop. Here we provide a variety of delicious ghee options for the cooking connoisseurs who like to add some unique flair to their edible creations.

Whether you prefer the pure taste of ghee, or would like an added layer of spice or sweet, we have a ghee option to delight your palette. Check them all out!

Full Moon Ghee: We craft our Full Moon Ghee from the finest, locally-sourced butter. Each batch is simmered down, while infusing the ghee with intentions of wellness and harmony. Our ghee is created on the full moon to honor an ancient practice from India. It is said that the full moon is a time of heightened essence, vitality, and expansion, which lends itself to the ghee in the process. Ghee is a lactose-free oil believed to be sattvic, with nourishing, tasty characteristics that are purifying for the body’s organ systems.


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Chocolate Ghee: If you want a dessert ghee, then we have you covered! This decadent dessert ghee is perfect for pouring over seasonal fruit, spreading on toast, or blending into a hot beverage. The ingredients include Full Moon Ghee, local honey, and organic / fair trade cacao. This invigorating, heart-opening treat can be enjoyed by the spoonful, and no refrigeration is required. The best part about this decadent ghee is that is contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Enjoy some sweetness the healthful way with Chocolate Ghee spread!

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Golden Turmeric Spiced Ghee: This recipe is inspired by Ayurvedic cooking and utilizes herbs and spices that promote digestive vigor and nutrient assimilation. The organic turmeric, ginger and ashwagandha are locally-sourced in Western Massachusetts. The warming constituents found in turmeric’s curcumin are naturally anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. This ghee option is perfect for rice, curries, roasted squash, or spread on toast.

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Maple Ghee: This sweet, seasonal ghee pays homage to the tasty treats of spring in New England. Our small batch creation of Maple Ghee uses locally-sourced maple cream, which is high in antioxidants. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals, including zinc and magnesium, which play a key role in strengthening the immune system. Maple Ghee is perfect to dollop on pancakes, spread on bread, or eat straight from the jar.

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Rosemary Garlic Ghee: We also offer a small-batch, savory ghee option. This ghee is infused with locally-sourced organic rosemary and garlic. It’s perfect on potatoes and rice, or as a cooking oil for greens, vegetables, and meat. This ghee will give you a burst of flavor while aiding your digestive and immune systems at the same time. Simply spread on warm bread and you have instant Rosemary Garlic Bread!

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Now you don’t have to wonder anymore about where to buy ghee butter online. At the Full Moon Ghee shop, you’ve found our family of delicious ghee products that we make with locally-sourced, natural ingredients in New England.

PS: If you love natural herbal products and healthful products, check out the other items in our store like healing salves, lip balms, creams, oils, ciders and syrups.

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