Why and How to Use Ghee for Hair Health

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Soft, luscious, glorious hair — Can using ghee for hair really give you all that?

According to ancient Ayurvedic tradition, ghee has far-reaching healing qualities, whether it’s eaten, smeared on your skin, or slathered on your head. While few scientific studies have been done on ghee and its potential health benefits, there are millennia of anecdotal evidence that can seem somewhat compelling. Check out our past blog posts for information on the possible health benefits of eating ghee or using ghee on your skin. In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at the potential benefits of using ghee for hair health.

Ghee is good for your hair!

Ghee is good for a healthy scalp! Ghee will make your hair grow faster! Ghee will make your hair softer, thicker, shinier! Wouldn’t that be nice, to find out that ghee is a magical elixir that will turn your hair into a mane of silk?

Well, we’re sorry to say there is no scientific evidence to back up these statements, however, based on what we know about what ghee contains, we can make certain assumptions that give some credence to the anecdotal claims that ghee is good for your hair.

Ghee is good for a healthy scalp. Ghee contains a high amount of vitamin E, which is often used in anti-aging skincare and scalp products. And ghee’s oil-like consistency means that when you apply it to your head, it can seal moisture into your scalp helping it to feel smoother, less irritated, and can limit some flakiness. Remember, though, that there have been no large-scale studies done on whether or not ghee can actually heal or treat scalp conditions, or make your scalp healthier.

Ghee can make your hair grow faster. Once again, there is no evidence that ghee will make your hair grow faster. However, using ghee on your hair could improve its overall health, and healthier hair means healthier strands that are less likely to break off. With less breakage, your hair will seem to grow longer and may create the illusion that your hair is growing faster.

Ghee is good for hair softness and thickness. Because ghee is rich in active antioxidant vitamins, such as E and A, applying ghee topically to your hair can make it feel softer. Antioxidant vitamins repel environmental toxins that can cause hair to feel heavy and frizzy.

These same vitamins, plus all the great protein in ghee, can also contribute to helping your hair feel thicker as well. There is no scientific evidence that ghee can actually change the thickness of your hair strands, but the proteins and vitamins can help to contribute to healthier hair which can appear to have more volume.

How to use ghee for hair health

Are you ready to give ghee for hair health a try? It’s pretty simple.

To make a ghee hair mask, simply warm up a few tablespoons of plain ghee by rubbing it between your hands. Then apply the ghee directly to your hair, coating your scalp and bringing it down to the ends. Place a shower cap over your hair while the ghee sets in to keep your face, shoulders, clothes from getting too oily.

You can leave the ghee in your hair for 1 to 2 hours to start, or up to overnight if you like the result.

When you’re ready, simply wash your hair well with shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

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